5 Ways To Personalize Your Digital Marketing

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Consumers now expect personalization throughout all stages of the buying process. The connection they feel toward brands is what drives them through the purchase funnel. It’s time for brands to stop talking exclusively about their products and services, and to focus on tailoring marketing approaches to each consumer and the stage they’re in. Here’s how to build that connection with consumers.

1. Tell Your brand story

Your goal is to go beyond simply promoting products and services to convincing consumers that making a purchase from your brand is an extension of their values.

  • Convey what you stand for. Tell consumers why you exist and the values your company is founded on to attract them based on an alignment between your values and theirs. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and establishes the foundation for the unique connection consumers now crave. 
  • Visuals are your friend. With 27 million pieces of content shared each day, there’s a constant battle for consumers’ attention. Leverage images and videos that efficiently convey your brand story to make them pause as they’re scrolling through their feeds.
  • End with a CTA. You’ve connected to your consumers by humanizing your brand and offering them a community that will make them feel good about their purchases. Now give them the next steps to move them further down the funnel.

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2. Be authentic

Authenticity should be the driving factor behind all of your marketing strategies, because trust is necessary to drive consumers to purchase. 

  • When you’re formulating your brand story, make sure it’s one that you truly believe in. If there’s a lack of passion, consumers will be able to tell.
  • A brand that’s always positive is less relatable to consumers and pushes them away with a lack of consideration for their daily struggles. Your priority is to show consumers that you understand their hardships and will work to provide them with solutions. 
  • There’s no better way to be authentic than to admit the shortcomings of your products or services. Customers appreciate honesty and will be more willing to give you feedback on how your products or services could be improved.

3. ask users for personalized data

83% of consumers are willing to give companies their personal data in exchange for a more personalized shopping experience; however, 57% of consumers want to know that their personal information is being used responsibly and to benefit them. To avoid breaking that trust, take time to inform your customers about how you’ll use their data and be transparent when answering their questions.

4. generate and understand your buyer personas

Take advantage of the data your customers have allotted to you to fine-tune your brand’s existing personas and create new ones. They should go beyond demographics to encompass lifestyles, needs, and challenges, so your brand understands when and how to reach out to consumers throughout their purchase process.

5. Tailor Content and messaging to the consumer

58% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that gives them content reflective of past behaviors. Let the data you’ve collected, the personas you’ve developed, and the interactions you’ve had with consumers guide your content creation. Make sure to also vary content across your brand’s social media accounts to appeal to each platforms’ differing demographics.

It’s no longer enough for brands to showcase their product or services; rather, you need to market in a way that not only builds a connection with consumers but also strengthens that connection as you move them through the purchase funnel. Tell your authentic story, take note of their shopping habits, and strive to make each consumer’s experience unique.

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